Shanah Tovah 5779 from Israeli Defense Comics

Shanah Tovah 5779 from Israeli Defense Comics! I want to wish all my fans and supporters a sweet new year.

This past year saw the publishing of Israeli Defense Comics # 3, a story that featured a team up between Magen and Shaloman. The issue featured 11 pages of unpublished Shaloman artwork by comic veteran, Al Wiesner. The printing of the comic book was supported by YOU through kickstarter, and I can’t thank you enough for making it possible.

In April, Israeli Defense Comics had a strong presence at Jewish Comic Con. I also served as co-curator of POW!!! Jewish Comic Art And Influence, which saw over 30 Jewish artists participate in a gallery exhibition of their comic and comic inspired artworks.

Over the summer, Israeli Defense Comics had book signing at the Spider’s Web Comic Shop in Yonkers, NY and Aw Yeah! Comics in Harrison, NY.

Looking ahead, the plot for Israeli Defense Comics # 4 is already complete with most of the script also completed. The story will feature the return of the villain Saracen from IDC # 1. More details to come. We will also be expanding our offering of Israeli Defense Comics and Magen merchandise and original artwork.

Thank you for your continuing support. Shanah Tovah!


IDC @ Aw Yeah Comics Round Up

Thank You to Marc Hammond and Aw Yeah Comics in Harrison, NY for hosting Israeli Defense Comics at their very cool comic shop for the “Not At San Diego” Mini Comic Con on July 22, 2018.



Joshua H. Stulman was joined by Tom Eaton (creator of Bug Zapper), Rebeckah Murray and Jill Hackett (creators of Magical Boy Basil) for the event.



We had a great time meeting fans, sketching and signing the latest issue of Israeli Defense Comics. We even did a quick sketch for Aw Yeah Comic’s infamous Water-themed restroom artwall.


If you are in the Westchester/Yonkers area its definately worthwhile to stop over to Aw Yeah Comics, especially for their Pin-Ball Arcade room…and of course comics! If you missed the event there are still some copies of Israeli Defense Comics for sale on the rack as well as one Superman Sketch cover by Joshua H. Stulman.

Magen Vs Shaloman Homage Illustration

Magen vs Shaloman was a concept I toyed with even before the debut of Israeli Defense Comics. I originally pitched the concept to Shaloman creator, Al Wiesner, circa 2010 as a continuation of the Shaloman series. I developed a cover that pitted the two reluctant heroes against each other due to mind control by Shaloman’s nemesis, Dr. Traif.

While Wiesner passed on the offer to do the Shaloman story, we kept the lines of communication open. After the debut of Magen in Israeli Defense Comics # 1, Wiesner and myself began to appear together at the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Conventions. I also organized a comic exhibition entitled, Super-Jews, that featured our original comic art. While I was choosing artwork for the exhibition, I came across a 10 page unpublished Shaloman story. Through both of our desires to see this short story finally published, I developed a story using the original Shaloman pages as a flashback sequence. I teased the premise at the end of Israeli Defense Comics # 2.



Although plans for Israeli Defense Comics # 3 were already underway, I received an email from a fan asking about the potential of a Magen vs Shaloman episode. In fact, the fan specifically suggested the cover be an homage to Ross Andru’s iconic Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man from 1976. While I already knew the plot of IDC # 3 would have the heroes meet as friends, I liked the idea of an homage to such an important comic cover.



After my work on Israeli Defense Comics # 3 was completed and the comic was well on its way to the printer, I revisited the idea of the homage cover. Shaloman would naturally take the place of Superman due to his ability to fly, and Magen would  substitute for Spider-Man. I considered changing the background to the old city of Jerusalem, but I had already featured the two super-heroes against the temple wall in IDC#3. So I thought I would keep it simple and retain the original background. Instead of the heroes fighting around the Empire State Building, I changed the spire to the Israeli flag. After that the piece came together with some clouds in the sky to fill the area originally held by typography.



It was a treat to work on this illustration. The original artwork measures 11″x17″ in pen and ink.


If you would like to commission original artwork featuring Magen or any other DC/Marvel Superhero, feel free to contact me for availability at

IDC Comic Signing @ Aw Yeah Comics July 22nd

Event: Not at San Diego Mini Con

Location: 313 Halstead Ave, Harrison, New York 10528

Time: Sunday, July 22 from 11AM-4PM

Israeli Defense Comics creator, Joshua H. Stulman, will be appearing at Aw Yeah Comics to sign the latest issue of Israeli Defense Comics. Stulman will be participating with several other comic artists as part of Aw Yeah Comics “Not at San Diego” Mini Comic Con.

Stulman will also have comic prints for sale as well as original art sketches.

The event is FREE and open to the public. This is a Family friendly event.


NEW Jack Kirby Captain America Homage Comic Print by Joshua H. Stulman

Happy 4th of July! And what better way to celebrate the birth of the nation then to reveal a NEW Jack Kirby exclusive comic art print!



“American Patriots” features the classic Captain America and Bucky team up. The piece is based on the 1991 Captain America 5oth Anniversary pencil lithograph by Jack Kirby and has been re-drawn and finished by Joshua H. Stulman.

The original Jack Kirby pencils have gone through a complete transformation! Kirby’s original was never inked and lacked the power of his full illustrations. To help complete this illustration, I went back into the original Kirby pencils and inked the drawing at a larger size (11″ x 17″) but I also made many important changes to the sketch. These included repositioning his fist and knee as well as adding Kirby crackle to the background and adding embellishments to the American Eagle and background.


Here’s the original Jack Kirby Lithograph alongside the final inked artwork by Joshua H. Stulman.



The most significant aspect to American Patriots is the addition of Captain America’s sidekick, Bucky! The original artwork had a smaller Captain America in the background meant to symbolize the 1941 original version of the character. It just seemed odd to have two Captain America’s in the illustration and I thought it would be more appropriate to include his famous side-kick to complete the retro-image.


I drew Bucky based on Kirby’s artstyle from the 1970’s. I kept the same overall pose, but completely re-drew the figure and face to be smaller and closer to Kirby’s style.

Colors for the print were done by Gaby Contreras. She did an excellent job basing the colors on Kirby’s 1976 Bicentennial Capatain America Treasury Edition.


Visit  Our Sister MARVEL/DC Comic Website:


Each Comic Art Print is hand-signed by Joshua H. Stulman CLICK HERE TO ORDER


The one-of-a-kind Original Artwork by Joshua H. Stulman is also available for sale: CLICK HERE



IDC # 3 Now At Israel Book Shop!

Welcome Israel Book Shop! Israel Book Shop is now carrying Israeli Defense Comics # 3!

This is a great online shop that has an excellent selection of Jewish books. You can find a great selection of religious and cultural Jewish books. And now with Israeli Defense Comics in their inventory, I feel confident writing that they have everything you need for Jewish Books!

Special thank you to Chaim and Sofia who do a great job at Israel Book Shop and will be happy to help you with your order!

Check out Israel Book Shop: CLICK HERE

IDC # 3 Comic Book Signing in Yonkers, NY

DATE: Wednesday May 16, 2018

LOCATION: The Spider’s Web Comic Store

887 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers, NY 10704


**FREE Event Open To The Public


Joshua H. Stulman will be signing copies of his latest comic book, Israeli Defense Comics # 3 at The Spider’s Web Comic Store in Yonkers, NY.

Israeli Defense Comics features the Jewish Super-Hero, Magen: The Shield of Israel. These comic book adventures focus on Jewish History, Jewish legends/myths, and current events.

Stulman has been an invited speaker at comic cons and synagogues on the subject of “Censorship In The Arts” as well as the “Jewish History of the Comic Book Industry.” His political cartoons have been featured in the Jerusalem Post and his artwork was noted in Greg Lukianoff’s book, “Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate.”

Joshua H. Stulman Interviewed by Jewish Week

Aaron Herman at the Jewish Week covered the POW!!! Jewish Art and Influence opening on April 26, 2018. The art exhibition is hosted by the Jewish Art Salon and Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery in Crown Heights.

Joshua H. Stulman (Israeli Defense Comics) co-curated the comic art exhibition along with Joel Silverstein and Goldie Gross.

The exhibition features over 30 artists from the history of comics including Bob Kane (Batman creator) Jack Kirby (Captain America and Marvel Super-Heroes Creator) Mart Nodell (Green Lantern creator) as well as comic influenced Fine Art by Archie Rand and others.

The Pow!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence Exhibition featured the debut of a NEW Jack Kirby piece created by Joshua H. Stulman called American Patriots based on Kirby’s pencils for the Captain America 50th Anniversary Lithograph from 1991.

The exhibition will be on display during Jewish Comic Con April 29, 2018 through the end of May.