Chanukah 2018 Original Comic Artwork!

Chanukah is always such a fun time of the year. It’s a time when we gather together as a family, eat latkes, spin dreidels, and light the Chanukiah. For Chanukah 2018, I decided to do a Chanukah dreidel theme. Since the one of the traditional Chanukah songs goes, “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel, I made it out of clay”, I thought what better opponent for Magen than the mystical clay monster- The Golem! Now I’ve never seen, or at least spun, a clay-made dreidel but I imagine The Golem would have no problem creating one for himself. Since my version of the Golem has an evil streak- I figured he’d naturally cheat. Eagle eyes will notice the dreidels used are the Israeli version: Nes-Gadol-Haya-Poh (A Great Miracle Happened Here)!

Here are some of the Work In Progress pics to see how the original artwork came together:

The Original Artwork for our Chanukah 2018 piece is now available to order!

This One-Of-A-Kind artwork is india ink on professional 11″x17″ comic board. The artwork comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity COA.



Original Art: Behind The Scenes Pics

Creating artwork is a process like any that includes concept, editing and revision. I thought it would be fun to give an inside look at my process for creating the recent Shanah Tovah holiday greeting illustration.


I knew in the concept that I wanted Magen blowing the Shofar. The shofar is a universal symbol in Judaism for the New Year. It also refers to the longevity of our ancient religion and beliefs. The shofar is a simple rams horn, a light weight devise used by common person thousands of years ago. Despite its humble size, the shofar has been featured in some of the most profound events from our history including the revelation at Mount Sinai and the Battle of Jericho. It is one of the longest surviving customs of Judaism that has remained unchanged throughout the millennia.


The Western Wall in Jerusalem was also chosen for both its connection as the holiest place in Judaism, but also for its political context. This past year the United States finally recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and the Jewish people. Jerusalem has always been considered the capital by Israel. It is where the Knesset Assembly takes place as well as the Supreme Court. Many previous US administrations had always promised to move the US embassy to the capital, and finally this promise was realized. Many countries have followed suite since the US’s declaration, which has helped to bolster the legitimacy and image of Israel in the face of increasing Anti-Zionism in Europe.


I had originally planned to incorporate the image of the Western Wall within the bubble lettering of “Shanah Tovah” similar to travel postcards of the 1940’s. Instead, I realized I could incorporate more detail if I used the Western Wall as the backdrop setting. In the final illustration, “Shanah Tovah” is simply outlined to juxtapose the detail of the Jerusalem scene below.


In the final illustration, the scene of Magen blowing the Shofar is shown in full detail, even obscuring the holiday greeting. This was done to emphasize the act of blowing the Shofar, as the ultimate expression of our history and faith.


The Original Artwork is one-of-a-kind piece of comic artwork is available now for purchase. The piece measures 11″x17″ on Comic Art Board. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity COA. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Shanah Tovah 5779 from Israeli Defense Comics

Shanah Tovah 5779 from Israeli Defense Comics! I want to wish all my fans and supporters a sweet new year.

This past year saw the publishing of Israeli Defense Comics # 3, a story that featured a team up between Magen and Shaloman. The issue featured 11 pages of unpublished Shaloman artwork by comic veteran, Al Wiesner. The printing of the comic book was supported by YOU through kickstarter, and I can’t thank you enough for making it possible.

In April, Israeli Defense Comics had a strong presence at Jewish Comic Con. I also served as co-curator of POW!!! Jewish Comic Art And Influence, which saw over 30 Jewish artists participate in a gallery exhibition of their comic and comic inspired artworks.

Over the summer, Israeli Defense Comics had book signing at the Spider’s Web Comic Shop in Yonkers, NY and Aw Yeah! Comics in Harrison, NY.

Looking ahead, the plot for Israeli Defense Comics # 4 is already complete with most of the script also completed. The story will feature the return of the villain Saracen from IDC # 1. More details to come. We will also be expanding our offering of Israeli Defense Comics and Magen merchandise and original artwork.

Thank you for your continuing support. Shanah Tovah!


Magen Vs Shaloman Homage Illustration

Magen vs Shaloman was a concept I toyed with even before the debut of Israeli Defense Comics. I originally pitched the concept to Shaloman creator, Al Wiesner, circa 2010 as a continuation of the Shaloman series. I developed a cover that pitted the two reluctant heroes against each other due to mind control by Shaloman’s nemesis, Dr. Traif.

While Wiesner passed on the offer to do the Shaloman story, we kept the lines of communication open. After the debut of Magen in Israeli Defense Comics # 1, Wiesner and myself began to appear together at the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Conventions. I also organized a comic exhibition entitled, Super-Jews, that featured our original comic art. While I was choosing artwork for the exhibition, I came across a 10 page unpublished Shaloman story. Through both of our desires to see this short story finally published, I developed a story using the original Shaloman pages as a flashback sequence. I teased the premise at the end of Israeli Defense Comics # 2.



Although plans for Israeli Defense Comics # 3 were already underway, I received an email from a fan asking about the potential of a Magen vs Shaloman episode. In fact, the fan specifically suggested the cover be an homage to Ross Andru’s iconic Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man from 1976. While I already knew the plot of IDC # 3 would have the heroes meet as friends, I liked the idea of an homage to such an important comic cover.



After my work on Israeli Defense Comics # 3 was completed and the comic was well on its way to the printer, I revisited the idea of the homage cover. Shaloman would naturally take the place of Superman due to his ability to fly, and Magen would  substitute for Spider-Man. I considered changing the background to the old city of Jerusalem, but I had already featured the two super-heroes against the temple wall in IDC#3. So I thought I would keep it simple and retain the original background. Instead of the heroes fighting around the Empire State Building, I changed the spire to the Israeli flag. After that the piece came together with some clouds in the sky to fill the area originally held by typography.



It was a treat to work on this illustration. The original artwork measures 11″x17″ in pen and ink.


If you would like to commission original artwork featuring Magen or any other DC/Marvel Superhero, feel free to contact me for availability at

Joshua H. Stulman Interviewed by Jewish Week

Aaron Herman at the Jewish Week covered the POW!!! Jewish Art and Influence opening on April 26, 2018. The art exhibition is hosted by the Jewish Art Salon and Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery in Crown Heights.

Joshua H. Stulman (Israeli Defense Comics) co-curated the comic art exhibition along with Joel Silverstein and Goldie Gross.

The exhibition features over 30 artists from the history of comics including Bob Kane (Batman creator) Jack Kirby (Captain America and Marvel Super-Heroes Creator) Mart Nodell (Green Lantern creator) as well as comic influenced Fine Art by Archie Rand and others.

The Pow!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence Exhibition featured the debut of a NEW Jack Kirby piece created by Joshua H. Stulman called American Patriots based on Kirby’s pencils for the Captain America 50th Anniversary Lithograph from 1991.

The exhibition will be on display during Jewish Comic Con April 29, 2018 through the end of May.




September 8 – December 10

LOCATION: Sid Jacobson JCC at 300 Forest Dr., Greenvale, NY 11548

VIEWING HOURS:    Sunday: 8:00am–8:00pm 
                                   Monday-Thursday: 6:00am–10:30pm
                                   Friday: 6:00am-5:30pm
                                  Saturday: 1:00-8:00pm

Joshua H. Stulman and IDC was in attendance for the opening reception of JOMIX III– Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation. The opening featured a panel discussion lead by co-curator Joel Silverstein. Speakers at the panel included Julian Voloj (Ghetto Brother), Arlen Schumer (The Silver Age), and cartoonist Aliza Donoth. Topics at the panel covered a short introduction of the artists’ respective work, as well as the nature of Jewish comics.

Israeli Defense Comics would like to congratulate and thank the curators, Joel Silverstein, Richard McBee, and Aimee Rubinstein, as well as The Jewish Art Salon and the Sid Jacobson JCC for arranging and hosting the exhibition.

To Check Out Pics of the Opening CLICK HERE


With Israeli Defense Comics # 03 now in production, these are the last series of 11×17 Original Comic Artwork commissions I will execute until artwork for the comic is completed. These were illustrated on professional comic art boards in India ink.

I will resume accepting commissions as part of the Rewards Package for
ISRAELI DEFENSE COMICS # 03!  Keep an eye out for more details.

Order Your Comic Artwork for Wizard World 2015

Now taking orders on original artwork commissions  by Joshua Stulman and Al Wiesner for

Wizard World Philadelphia- May 7-10 2015

Sketch Covers: Front Cover $50, Double Cover $80

Comic Board Illustration: Single Figure w/ simple background $50

Have an idea for a full drawing, multiple figures etc.. just send an email for these and other questions


All orders received by Tuesday April 30 will be available for pick up at the convention.


Above: X Factor vs Magneto, Apocalypse, Sentinel Sketch double cover on X Factor # 01 blank by Joshua H. Stulman