Wizard World Philadelphia June 19-22, 2014

Al Wiesner (Shaloman) and Joshua Stulman (Israeli Defense Comics) will be appearing at Wizard World Philadelphia- the largest comic book convention in Pennsylvania. They will be signing comic books for fans, and accepting artwork commissions.
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You can pre-order original artwork commissions for the convention.
Sketch Cover Pricing:
Front Cover $50
Double Cover $80

All orders received by Tuesday June 17 will be available for pick up at the convention.






Birth of the Golem!

Here’s a pic of the central splash of Israeli Defense Comics # 02. It features the birth of the Golem in all its “Kirby” glory.

In IDC # 02, the Golem’s medieval story is adapted in a flashback and then revived in modern time Israel.

As some may know, the Golem story has been a staple of science fiction and comic history for well over a hundred years. Mary Shelly used the Jewish tale as a basis for Frankenstein.

In comic book history, the golden-age comic book artist Carl Burgos (Max Finkelstien) created the original Human Torch as a robot who rebelled against his creator. The idea of mud creations coming to life are the basis of several characters including Clayface, Sandman, and the Puppet-Master. Other famous characters inspired by the Golem are the Incredible Hulk, and the Thing (at least in appearance).