by Joshua H. Stulman

In 2007, Al Wiesner saw the need to preserve and present the stories of the fast dwindling Holocaust survivors for the next generation of young Jews. Wiesner had been a youth during World War II and later served in the Air Force in the early 1950’s.

“[During the 1930’s] I heard what was happening but I didn’t hit home really because my father and mother came to the United States when they were 8-10, so I had no family in Europe,” said Wiesner. He continued, “Most was kept hush hush in the United States and it didn’t come out until later when I was a young kid and heard these things.”

The Holocaust was a subject Wiesner rarely touched on in his comic book work because of its sad and mature nature. He instead focussed on creating Shaloman stories centered on Jewish History and Holidays.

But for The Saga of Shaloman # 8 (the fourth volume of Shaloman comics), Al Wiesner decided to address the very relevant occurrence of Holocaust denial. To do this, Wiesner created the character of Donald Nyer (D. Nyer). Complete with Hitler mustache, the character espouses his anti-Semitism to crowds in an attempt to confuse and create doubt about the Holocaust and to sow hatred for Jews in general. Nyer’s hatred extends far beyond the Holocaust but to the core of Jewish History.


“I created the story because I wanted to, at the time, to do a book about Chanukah and I got the idea that people who are deniers have to be proven that it  happened. And taking the denier and making him a believer… how can I say that the Jews won in Chanukah and suffered under the Germans? In one story the Jews are victims and the other they are victors. It gives people who have any doubts that its true and that it happened that way. In this one case, they were fortunate to win out among the people who where mercenaries and the other one, the world was more populated and more people were villains,” recounts Wiesner.


The story can be broken down into three acts. The first addresses the causes and roots of Holocaust denial in modern times and focusses on age old libels against the Jewish people. The second act is a trip through time to look at the roots of Anti-Semitism by the Assyrian Greeks during the Chanukah story. The third part addresses the Holocaust directly.

For the third act of his story, Al Wiesner interviewed Holocaust survivors (Daniel Goldsmith, Klara Vinokur and Itka Zal) and used their experiences as reference for the story. He also turned to historic photography as a source to accurately portray incidents in the concentration camps.

“I took three people who were victims in the Holocaust and worked their story into the book. At Temple Beth Israel in Warrington there was a lecture. One fellow, Danny Goldsmith,…told his story in the synagogue about what happened.” said Wiesner.


“I took the story of Klara Vinokur [Holocaust survivor] where she says ‘it happened before and now its happening again’ and used that as the opening,” Wiesner continued.

Saga of Shaloman # 8 sold out in its initial run in 2007, however the book was included in the Saga of Shaloman Graphic Novel. In 2019, Wiesner released a Limited Edition second printing of 250 copies because of the importance of the story in today’s world, a world where anti-Semitism is on the rise in the United States and in Europe.


Saga of Shaloman # 8 is the only Shaloman comic rated PG-12. The artwork tastefully addresses the Holocaust without any graphic depictions so that the content can be accessible to younger audiences. The comic is a full 33 pages with no ads.


Happy Passover 5779!

by Joshua H. Stulman

Passover is upon us and I thought I would take a look at some of the great Passover themed Shaloman comics produced by Al Wiesner over the years.

Watch my Passover/Easter Comic Book video for our sister website,  www.Brooklyn Comic

Al Wiesner created many Shaloman comics to teach about Jewish holidays. Passover was a major feature of the holiday themed comics. There are some really fun Shaloman covers including Legend of Shaloman # 9, which pays homage to Superman # 1 from 1939.


There are over 45 issues of Shaloman adventures. Many are action and adventure stories done in a retro-Golden Age style. Some focus on different Jewish Holidays including Chanukah, Passover and Purim.

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Support the IDC # 3 Kickstarter!

by Joshua H. Stulman

We are proud to announce the next issue of Israeli Defense Comics!

We have created a Kickstarter to help support the printing costs of Israeli Defense Comics # 03.

The artwork and production for Israeli Defense Comics # 3 is 100% Complete! The comic book is a Full 30 pages, with a beautiful cover inked by Marvel and DC legendary artist, Joe Rubinstein (Infinity Gauntlet, Wolverine).

If funding is successful, Israeli Defense Comics # 03 will begin shipping in mid May 2018.

You can find progress updates here as well as on facebook.

The Story

Israeli Defense Comics # 03 features a team up between Magen: The Shield of Israel and Al Wiesner’s super-hero, Shaloman.

Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Page 1 & Page 5

The story begins with the resurgence of the Black Knights, a group of bad guys that supposedly ceased operations decades ago when they were stopped by Shaloman.

Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Page 26 & Page 27

Now they’re back and Shaloman is nowhere to be found. The Black Knights case leads Magen across continents to the United States to discover their nefarious plot and who is responsible for their resurgence!

Israeli Defense Comics # 3 also includes a real life fact page that helps provide some educational information that inspired the events in the story.

So Who Is Shaloman?

Shaloman was created by Al Wiesner and published from 1988-2013 in over 40 comics. Al Wiesner received a San Diego Comic Con Inkpot Award in 2010 for his publishing effort. Shaloman holds a special place in my heart because Shaloman # 1 from 1988 was one of my first comics as a child and it is an honor to be able to include the character in this comic book.

Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Page 6

The premise for Israeli Defense Comics # 3 began when I discovered a 10 Page unpublished Shaloman story by Al Wiesner created in 1983. Originally I wanted to publish this story as a back up feature in Israeli Defense Comics. However instead, I crafted a story using Magen that takes place in Modern day, incorporating Wiesner’s original artwork as a flashback sequence in this all new adventure.


We have some great reward opportunities, which you can see to your right. These include: Original Artwork Commissions of a superhero of your choice, and Signed comics, including some very special issues signed by Shaloman Creator Al Wiesner.

We also have some of the original artwork from the comic book as well as the original cover!

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Reward #6 – Shaloman # 1 (1988) SIGNED Ed.

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For the real Jewish Comics Fan! This instant comic collection includes: Shaloman (1988) # 1-9 and Israeli Defense Comics # 1-3.

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Reward #10 – Israeli Defense Comics #3 Wiesner Cover Production Proof

This one-of-a-kind cover proof served as the final OK for Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Wiesner cover.

The piece measures 11″x17″ and includes minimal inking corrections to the image by Joshua H. Stulman.

Reward #11 – Original Artwork from IDC # 3

Get a piece of the comic! An original comic page of Israeli Defense Comics # 3 signed by Joshua H. Stulman. Each page is One-Of-A-Kind and will have at least one panel with Magen.

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Reward #12 – Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Shaloman Production Art

This one-of-a-kind Shaloman production page was entirely hand inked by Joshua H. Stulman from a photocopy of Al Wiesner’s pencils. And served as the final OK for the artwork seen in Israeli Defense Comics. The piece measures 11″x17”.

Reward #13 – Original Art Color Commission 11″x17 Original Art Color

Commission is for one full figure illustration of your favorite superhero with background. This Original Artwork Commission Includes: – Original 11″x17″ pen & ink illustration on Comic board AND an 11″x17″ Full Color Print

Reward #14 – Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Wiesner Cover w/Original Art

This one-of-a-kind production artwork includes alterations to the Wiesner Original artwork that contains paste ups, finishing artwork, and original inking embellishments by Joshua H. Stulman.

The piece measures 11″x17″ and comes with Certificate Of Authenticity.

Reward #15 – Israeli Defense Comics # 3 pg. 29 Jerusalem Splash Page

This beautiful splash page from Israeli Defense Comics # 3 features Shaloman and Magen overlooking the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

This one-of-a-kind page was entirely hand penciled and inked by Joshua H. Stulman. The piece measures 11″x17″ Pen and ink on Comic Board

Reward #16 – Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Original Cover Art

Congratulations! You have single-handed funded the printing of IDC #3!

Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Original Cover Art by Joshua H. Stulman. The artwork was penciled by Joshua H. Stulman and inked by Marvel/DC Comic Veteran artist, Joe Rubinstein!

The piece measures 11″x17″ Pen and ink on Comic Board


If this project reaches $300 over our minimum goal, the Israeli Defense Comics # 3 Al Wiesner Shaloman Variant cover will be unlocked!

Everyone who has pledged to receive a physical book/package or higher will have a choice of receiving either the Stulman Cover or the Wiesner Cover.

Al Wiesner in Good Spirits and Recovering

Al Wiesner, creator of Shaloman, could not attend this year’s Wizard World Philadelphia due to a stroke he recently suffered. Al is 86 years old and an Air Force Veteran. If you know Al, then you know that he has an iron will and determination to overcome this set back. He is already making steady progress in his recovery.


We created a “Get Well” card for Al, which was signed by Shaloman Fans and fellow comic book creators at the Wizard World Convention. After the convention Al Wiesner was presented with the card.

Al is in great spirits and has the card displayed in his room.


We thank you all for your well wishes and kind thoughts for Al’s continued recovery and refuah shlema!