by Joshua H. Stulman

In 2007, Al Wiesner saw the need to preserve and present the stories of the fast dwindling Holocaust survivors for the next generation of young Jews. Wiesner had been a youth during World War II and later served in the Air Force in the early 1950’s.

“[During the 1930’s] I heard what was happening but I didn’t hit home really because my father and mother came to the United States when they were 8-10, so I had no family in Europe,” said Wiesner. He continued, “Most was kept hush hush in the United States and it didn’t come out until later when I was a young kid and heard these things.”

The Holocaust was a subject Wiesner rarely touched on in his comic book work because of its sad and mature nature. He instead focussed on creating Shaloman stories centered on Jewish History and Holidays.

But for The Saga of Shaloman # 8 (the fourth volume of Shaloman comics), Al Wiesner decided to address the very relevant occurrence of Holocaust denial. To do this, Wiesner created the character of Donald Nyer (D. Nyer). Complete with Hitler mustache, the character espouses his anti-Semitism to crowds in an attempt to confuse and create doubt about the Holocaust and to sow hatred for Jews in general. Nyer’s hatred extends far beyond the Holocaust but to the core of Jewish History.


“I created the story because I wanted to, at the time, to do a book about Chanukah and I got the idea that people who are deniers have to be proven that it  happened. And taking the denier and making him a believer… how can I say that the Jews won in Chanukah and suffered under the Germans? In one story the Jews are victims and the other they are victors. It gives people who have any doubts that its true and that it happened that way. In this one case, they were fortunate to win out among the people who where mercenaries and the other one, the world was more populated and more people were villains,” recounts Wiesner.


The story can be broken down into three acts. The first addresses the causes and roots of Holocaust denial in modern times and focusses on age old libels against the Jewish people. The second act is a trip through time to look at the roots of Anti-Semitism by the Assyrian Greeks during the Chanukah story. The third part addresses the Holocaust directly.

For the third act of his story, Al Wiesner interviewed Holocaust survivors (Daniel Goldsmith, Klara Vinokur and Itka Zal) and used their experiences as reference for the story. He also turned to historic photography as a source to accurately portray incidents in the concentration camps.

“I took three people who were victims in the Holocaust and worked their story into the book. At Temple Beth Israel in Warrington there was a lecture. One fellow, Danny Goldsmith,…told his story in the synagogue about what happened.” said Wiesner.


“I took the story of Klara Vinokur [Holocaust survivor] where she says ‘it happened before and now its happening again’ and used that as the opening,” Wiesner continued.

Saga of Shaloman # 8 sold out in its initial run in 2007, however the book was included in the Saga of Shaloman Graphic Novel. In 2019, Wiesner released a Limited Edition second printing of 250 copies because of the importance of the story in today’s world, a world where anti-Semitism is on the rise in the United States and in Europe.


Saga of Shaloman # 8 is the only Shaloman comic rated PG-12. The artwork tastefully addresses the Holocaust without any graphic depictions so that the content can be accessible to younger audiences. The comic is a full 33 pages with no ads.


Happy Passover 5779!

by Joshua H. Stulman

Passover is upon us and I thought I would take a look at some of the great Passover themed Shaloman comics produced by Al Wiesner over the years.

Watch my Passover/Easter Comic Book video for our sister website,  www.Brooklyn Comic

Al Wiesner created many Shaloman comics to teach about Jewish holidays. Passover was a major feature of the holiday themed comics. There are some really fun Shaloman covers including Legend of Shaloman # 9, which pays homage to Superman # 1 from 1939.


There are over 45 issues of Shaloman adventures. Many are action and adventure stories done in a retro-Golden Age style. Some focus on different Jewish Holidays including Chanukah, Passover and Purim.

CHECK OUT Our Passover selection:

Chanukah 2018 Original Comic Artwork!

Chanukah is always such a fun time of the year. It’s a time when we gather together as a family, eat latkes, spin dreidels, and light the Chanukiah. For Chanukah 2018, I decided to do a Chanukah dreidel theme. Since the one of the traditional Chanukah songs goes, “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel, I made it out of clay”, I thought what better opponent for Magen than the mystical clay monster- The Golem! Now I’ve never seen, or at least spun, a clay-made dreidel but I imagine The Golem would have no problem creating one for himself. Since my version of the Golem has an evil streak- I figured he’d naturally cheat. Eagle eyes will notice the dreidels used are the Israeli version: Nes-Gadol-Haya-Poh (A Great Miracle Happened Here)!

Here are some of the Work In Progress pics to see how the original artwork came together:

The Original Artwork for our Chanukah 2018 piece is now available to order!

This One-Of-A-Kind artwork is india ink on professional 11″x17″ comic board. The artwork comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity COA.



Chanukah In Comics!

By Joshua H. Stulman

This week Jews around the world celebrate Chanukah (sometimes spelled Hanukkah). The holiday is known as the “Festival of Lights” and honors the re-dedication of the Jerusalem Temple after the Jews defeated the Greek Army in 165 BC. 

In the 20th century, Chanukah reached a greater importance in America because it usually fell in December during the Christmas season. With Christmas being such a huge part of American culture, Jewish comic book creators featured Christmas early on in the history of comics. It is very common to find great covers of Superman or Batman helping Santa Claus as early as the 1940’s. However the advent of Jewish Comic Book characters come much later in Comic history dating to the mid-1970s and so too does the inclusion of Chanukah in comics. 

In truth it is still rare to find Jewish comic characters in comics and even harder to find mainstream comic stories about Chanukah. Although I must say that both Marvel and D.C. have been pretty good about including a one page Chanukah pin up in their holiday annuals since the 1990’s.

Below are the few examples of Chanukah featured in comics:

5)  Justice League Of America #188 (March 1981)

Written by Gerry Conway, the story entitled “Miracle at 22,300 Miles” centers on a  “Chanukah” miracle. 

 The Justice League of America’s satellite headquarters comes under attack from a rogue satellite. Meanwhile in Ivy Town, physicist, Ray Palmer, and his wife, attorney Jean Loring, attend a Hannukkah party. Hawkgirl barely has time to send out a distress signal, before the transmitter is destroyed.

The Atom, the Batman, and the Black Canary respond to Hawkgirl’s distress signal. The life support systems have been hopelessly compromised.  The Atom, and the Batman, attempt to repair the satellite’s damaged systems.

Hawkgirl flies out to her spaceship, to garner replacement parts for the satellite’s life support systems. The Atom succumbs to the cold of space. Before collapsing, it seems the Atom did repair the satellite’s systems. The Atom returns to consciousness, revealing that he was unable to repair the satellite’s life support systems. Impossibly, the life support system remained active until Hawkgirl’s return. The Atom calls it a miracle, then shares the Chanukah story with his teammates.


4) Uncanny X-Men #143 (March, 1981)

Written by Jewish X-Men scribe, Chris Claremont, the story is entitled “Demon.”

Well not exactly a Chanukah story, Kitty Pryde is left alone in the X-Mansion on the first night of Chanukah while everyone else goes Christmas Tree shopping. Why is she left alone? Well she’s Jewish, so naturally she is left out of the festivities. Meanwhile a very close Alien Xenomorph looking creature arrives to hunt her down. She ends up defeating the Alien before X-Men return home with her parents and they share the evening together.

3) DC Holidays  ’09 # 1 (February, 2010)

This predominantly Christmas Special has a lone Chanukah story entitled “Seeing The Light” written by Rob Levin. The story features Ragman (Rory Regan) a vigilante in Gotham City that is also Jewish. The story is buried at the back of the 64 page special.

The story basically retells the Chanukah story, including Judah and the Maccabees’ struggle. This is recounted by Ragman as he fights a Neo-Nazi terrorizing Jews. The story features a  twist…namely that there was a Ragman to help defend the Jews during biblical times as well as current.

2) 52#33 (December, 2006)

Yet another Christmas story, entitled “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” by Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns. “Day 5” features a Batwoman story in which Alfred Pennyworth is in Gotham singing Christmas Carols with children. Nightwing gives Batwoman a gift from Batman. An actual Batarang, officially welcoming her into the “family”.

Later that night, Batwoman returns to share Chanukah with her girlfriend, Renée Montoya (The Question). They spend Chanukah/Christmas eve together.


1) Shaloman

Finally, a Jewish Super-Hero! Shaloman has been featured in over 45 comics beginning in 1988. There are several Chanukah themed comics. Our favorite is the “Chanukah Thief”, in which the nefarious Dr. Traif devises a scheme to travel back in time and ruin the final ounce of oil meant for the Temple Menorah.

You can find a complete listing of Shaloman comics on our sister site, or CLICK HERE


Joshua H. Stulman


Shanah Tovah 5779 from Israeli Defense Comics

Shanah Tovah 5779 from Israeli Defense Comics! I want to wish all my fans and supporters a sweet new year.

This past year saw the publishing of Israeli Defense Comics # 3, a story that featured a team up between Magen and Shaloman. The issue featured 11 pages of unpublished Shaloman artwork by comic veteran, Al Wiesner. The printing of the comic book was supported by YOU through kickstarter, and I can’t thank you enough for making it possible.

In April, Israeli Defense Comics had a strong presence at Jewish Comic Con. I also served as co-curator of POW!!! Jewish Comic Art And Influence, which saw over 30 Jewish artists participate in a gallery exhibition of their comic and comic inspired artworks.

Over the summer, Israeli Defense Comics had book signing at the Spider’s Web Comic Shop in Yonkers, NY and Aw Yeah! Comics in Harrison, NY.

Looking ahead, the plot for Israeli Defense Comics # 4 is already complete with most of the script also completed. The story will feature the return of the villain Saracen from IDC # 1. More details to come. We will also be expanding our offering of Israeli Defense Comics and Magen merchandise and original artwork.

Thank you for your continuing support. Shanah Tovah!


Jewish Comic Con Sunday, April 29 in Brooklyn

2nd Annual Jewish Comic Con

Sunday, April 29, 2018 | 8AM – 7PM


Location: Congregation Kol Israel, 603 Saint Johns Place , Brooklyn NY



Contact: Fred Polaniecki – President, Congregation Kol Israel



Israeli Defense Comics will be attending the Second Annual Jewish Comic Con. We will be debuting Israeli Defense Comics # 3, as well as exclusive prints, and original artwork for sale. Meet Joshua H. Stulman and get your comic books signed!


Second Annual Jewish Comic Con

The Jewish Comic Con will be returning to Brooklyn on April 29th, 2018 and will attract hundreds of comic fans to Congregation Kol Israel, a historic Brooklyn synagogue located at 603 Saint Johns Place in Prospect Heights.


In conjunction with the Jewish Comic Con, an art exhibition entitled, POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence will open Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 7-9 PM.


The second Jewish Comic Con will feature a full day of panel discussions on diverse themes connecting comics and Judaism. April 2018 is also Superman’s 80th birthday, and the Jewish Comic Con will have events focused on that milestone.


There will be an Artist Alley featuring Jewish comic creators and their work. Artists will draw sketches, sell art, and engage with their fans.


The Jewish Comic Con is organized by Fabrice Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir), Danny Fingeroth (author of Disguised as Clark Kent: Jews and Comics), Julian Voloj (author of The Artist Behind Superman: The Joe Shuster Story) and Kol Israel’s president, Fred Polaniecki, Founder of Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery and co-creator of the Jewish Comic Con. The Jewish Comic Con is organized in conjunction with the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery.


Kosher food will be available for purchase from JJ’s Holy Cow and Grow and Behold


Proceeds from the Jewish Comic Con will go towards the preservation and restoration of Congregation Kol Israel’s historic building on the National Registry of Historic Places. Proceeds will be matched 100% by an anonymous donor.

Jewish Comic Art Exhibition | Thursday, April 26 in Brooklyn


POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence Exhibition

Opening: Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 7-9 PM


Location: Congregation Kol Israel, 603 Saint Johns Place , Brooklyn NY



Contact: Fred Polaniecki – President, Congregation Kol Israel



In conjunction with the 2nd Annual Jewish Comic Con, Congregation Kol Israel will host the exhibition POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence curated by Joel Silverstein, Goldie Gross and Joshua H. Stulman.


This exhibition of 31 artists highlights the current explosion of comic books with Jewish themes and fine artists who use comics as inspiration. Artists in POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence include:


Jim Aparo

Paul Hoppe Archie Rand Matisyahu Tonti
Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik Bob Kane Henrik Rehr Vitaly Umansky
Lynne Cassouto Jack Kirby Arlen Schumer Eli Valley
Jessica Deutsch Lon Levin Daniela Shapiro Julian Voloj
Josh Edelglass Sarah Lightman Joel Silverstein Al Wiesner
Max Gottfried Linda Mason Hillel Smith Ephraim Wuensch
Bo Hampton Jackie Nichols Joshua H. Stulman Eugene Zhilinsky
Alan Hobscheid Martin Nodell Emily Steinberg  


POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence is presented by the Jewish Art Salon, the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery, Pratt Institute Hadas Gallery and AH Comics, publisher of SCI: The Jewish Comics Anthology, Vol. 2.


A panel discussion will take place at 7:45 PM. The discussion will feature the curators, some of the artists, and Rabbi Simcha Weinstein, author of the book Up Up and Oy Vey, How Jewish History, Culture and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero.


The exhibition will be on view until Friday, May 25, 2018. Viewing hours Sundays 11AM – 2PM.


Proceeds from the Jewish Comic Con will go towards the preservation and restoration of Congregation Kol Israel’s historic building on the National Registry of Historic Places. Proceeds will be matched 100% by an anonymous donor.


Happy Chanukah 5778!

Happy Chanukah from the Israeli Defense Comics. We want to wish everyone a happy festival of lights and meaningful celebration with family and friends.

As the holiday season is coming to a close, feel free to browse our inventory of Jewish Comic Books and newly added Comic Art Prints. You can also visit our sister website,, for Vintage Marvel and DC Comics, Signed Exclusives, and Original Artwork.

Captain America 50th Anniversay Lithograph


CGC 9.0 Batman # 1 (New 52)
SIGNED by Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder


CGC 7.0 Spider-Man/Deadpool # 1 Variant Sketch Cover
SIGNED by Deadpool Creators, Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza


Joshua H. Stulman Co-Curates Jewish Comic Con Art Exhibit

POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence

In conjunction with Jewish Comic Con

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2018

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, April 26, 2018

Venue: Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery, 603 St. John Place, Brooklyn NY, 11238


Joshua H. Stulman (Israeli Defense Comics) along with Joel Silverstein and Goldie Gross have been chosen to curate an exhibition of Jewish Comic Art and Artists inspired by Comics in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Jewish Comic Con in Brooklyn!


Visit the Jewish Art Salon who is accepting submissions for POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence, which will kick off (and run in conjunction with) Jewish Comic Con, the first ever event of its kind at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery. The Jewish Comic Con, in its second year, explores how Jewish identity has influenced comics, both on the page and behind the scenes. But it isn’t just for the “members of the Tribe”. It’s for everyone. It’s a love letter to the creators of the comic book medium and their heroes!


This exhibition entails two distinct types of comics-related art: Comics based on Jewish content (including all manner of cultural, historical, and religious experiences in and out of the commercial publishing world), and “fine” artworks (such as paintings, collages and prints) inspired by comic books as subject matter, both in form and content. The more unique and personal, the better!


On view until late June.


More info and submissions here: